Don't panic, this is only a training ground for the real swamp, we call the Internet.

Yes, that's me on the left, James Mann. I am retired from the brick and mortar world and I enjoy life as much as I can. I even have times when I just take time off. Of course I am always in contact with my clients. I just don't take on any new clients until I return tanned and rested. Some times I even enjoy life too much have to take a break from resting.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you think it is perfectly normal to plan a vacation so there are as few unwanted surprises as possible, leaving more stress free time to enjoy that experience?

I sure hope you said yes. I certainly think it is best to plan. I also think it is just plain survival to plan the Internet marketing journey that will pay for those planned vacations.

I have been a teacher for the past 20 years and that just doesn't stop when you retire. In fact it gives you more time to do those things you love to do. For me that is still teaching, but in my home office, where ever that might be at the moment, and fly fishing a stream for beautiful trout and salmon.

Well to make a few long stories into one short one I moved online and write a few things to help the Internet marketing newbie get started.

I have been online since April 2001 and I have had some ups and downs, I made some money and I have lost some money, but the best part is that I finally got on track with the help of online friends and associates.

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Now you can benefit from those years of experience, and I may even introduce you to the people that help me get on the right marketing path.

I trust you will forgive me when I refer to the Internet as a SWAMP, but the truth is that it really can be a big wonderous SWAMP.

Yes, the Internet or World Wide Web or Super Duper Cyber Highway or what ever you call it, can be as beautiful and exciting an adventure as any one could ask for, with so much to see and experience, but...

You also have the dark, dangerous and deceptive side of the Internet that most Internet marketing newbies don't think of. You really don't know what or who lurks around the link into CyberSpace. I've met a few predators along the way.

Learn to map your path through Internet Marketing and don't wait until you need it before seeking guidance. The best place to start...

Start With A Marketing Plan

If you don't have a marketing plan at this point take a few minutes and checkout my iNET Strategies Inc. web site. You can read through my self pace guide to online business there, and it won't cost you anything to learn.

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